Current Affairs 7th January 2024 Questions Answer

January current affairs 2024 Questions

1.Recently ‘Gunotsav 2024‘ was inaugurated?
a. India
b. America
c. UAE
d. Assam

Answer d. Assam

2. In which country is the Government of India planning to build ‘Bharat Park’?
a. India
b. America
c. UAE

Answer: c. UAE

3. When is ‘World War Orphans Day’ celebrated?
a. 06 January
b. 07 January
c. 08 January
D.09 January

Answer: a. 06 January

4. World Bank will give funds to ______ to enhance social security?
(a) Odisha
(b) ISRO

Answer -(a)Odisha

5. Who has recently been selected as Puberty Athlete of the Year 2023?
a. good luck
b. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
c. Virat Kohli
d. Sunil

Answer- c. Virat Kohli

6. Dongria Kondh shawl of which state has got GI tag?
a. Odisha
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Jammu and Kashmir
d. MP

Answer a. Odisha

7. Asia’s largest open air annual trade fair ‘Bali Yatra’ was inaugurated in ________?
(a)Cuttack (Odisha)
(b) Bhopal MP
(c) Mumbai, MH
(d) Himachal

Answer -(a)Cuttack (Odisha)

8. Who has recently been awarded the ‘Order of the British Empire’?
(a)Adrian Cruz
(c) Kodiak
(d)none of this

Answer -(a)Adrian Cruz

9. Famous Bengali writer _______ receives 2023 Kuvempu National Award
(a) Suresh Naval
(b) Rakesh Kataria
(c)Shishend Mukhnopadhyay
(d) Rakesh Upadhyay

Answer -(c)Shishend Mukhopadhyay

10. Who has recently been appointed by NIIFL as its new CEO?
a. Ahmed Ansari
b. Mahendra Singh Tom
c. Sanjeev Aggarwal
d. Gokul Goswami

Answer c. Sanjeev Aggarwal

11. _____ wins Global Icon Award at G20 Summit
(a) Srinivas V
(b) Srinivas Pandey
(c) Srinivas Naik
(d) Mahendra Upadhyay

Answer -(c)Srinivas Naik

12. Who has topped the Top Cities 2023 Index for Women in India recently?
a. Mumbai
b. Maharashtra
c. Rajasthan
d. Chennai

Answer d. Chennai

13. Chief Minister of _______ has received the Guinness World Record certificate for the Amrit Vriksha movement.
(a) Punjab
(d)Jammu and Kashmir

Answer -(b)Assam

14. Who has recently been appointed as the new President of the ‘European Investment Bank’?
(a)Nadia Calvino
(b)Mohammed Ali
(c) Ranbir Kapoor
(d) B. M happy

Answer -(a)Nadia Calvino

15. Who has recently inaugurated ‘NCC Republic Day Camp 2024’?
a. Narendra Tomar
b. Jagdeep Dhankar
c. Arvind Panagariya
d. Pooja Ojha

Answer b. Jagdeep Dhankar

16. _______ has become the first South Asian country to officially register same-sex marriage?
(a) USA
(c) india

Answer -(d)Nepal

17. Recently, which country will export 10000 MW electricity to India in the next 10 years?
a. chain
b. America
c. Nepal
d. America

Answer c. Nepal

18. Who has recently become the Executive Director of Asian Development Bank?
a. R. Madhavan
b. Mr. Vikas Sheel
c. shree krishna
d. Shri. Komal Shilpa

Answer-b. Mr. Vikas Sheel

19. In which state have more than 50% of the complaints of crimes against women been registered recently?
a. UP
b. CG
c. MP
d. AP

Answer a. UP

20. Will ‘Kuppa Hydro Storage Project’ be constructed in Gujarat?
(a) PHIR

Answer – (b) NHPC

21. The world’s largest ‘corporate office’ has been completed in ________?
(b) Bhopal
(d)Jammu and Kashmir

Answer -(a)Surat


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