50 GK Questions with Answers in English 

General knowledge Questions

General knowledge question answers make you strong at an intellectual level and you have a lot of information about the world. In these questions, today you will know various types of information about India such as in which area of ​​​​India is the planet satellite and some most important question answers related to India’s history, Giography, Constitution, Science and more. You are at any stage of age, these general knowledge question answers will be useful for you, whether you are a child or a student, they are very useful.

Friends, these general knowledge question answers are useful for competitive exams like SSC CGL, SSC, UPSC, State PSC, Banking, Railway Police, and the question answers can be useful for competitive exams held in India.

50 GK Questions with Answers in English 

1. Who invented the telescope?

Ans – Galileo

2. Where did Lord Buddha attain enlightenment?

Ans – Bodh Gaya

3. Who founded the Arya Samaj?

Ans – Swami Dayanand

4. Who implemented the Dahsala system of land revenue?

Ans Akbar

5. How does the outer sky appear to an astronaut?

Ans – Black

6. Which soil is known as Regur soil?

Ans Black soil

7. Who was the first Governor General of India?

Ans – William Bentinck

8. Which gas is used in weather balloons?

Ans Helium

9. Who was the first woman Chief Minister of India?

Ans – Mrs. Sucheta Kriplani

10. Who is the first person to set foot on the moon?

Ans – Neil Armstrong

11. Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of the establishment of the Congress?

Ans Lord Dufferin

12. Who was the first woman Governor of India?
Ans – Sarojini Naidu

13. Who contributed to the integration of princely states after independence?

Ans Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

14. Who built the Brihadeshwara temple in Tanjore?

Ans – Rajaraja I Chola

15. Which Sikh Guru was murdered by Jahangir?

Ans Guru Arjundev

16. Where is Hawa Mahal located?

Ans – Jaipur

17. Who built the Vijay Stambh in Chittorgarh to commemorate his victories?

Ans Rana Kumbha

18. What is the length of India’s coastline?

Ans – 7516 km.

19. Which metal was first used by humans? Answer – Copper

20. Who was Karna’s charioteer in the Mahabharata war?

Ans – Shalya

21. What was the real name of Birbal?
Ans – Maheshdas

22. Who constitutes the Union Public Service Commission?

Ans – President

23. Which vitamin deficiency causes night blindness?

Ans – Vitamin A

24. Who founded the Satyashodhak Samaj?

Ans – Mahatma Phule

25. Who was the founder of the Red Cross?

Ans Henry Dunant

26. The composer of India’s national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was-

Ans – Rabindranath Tagore

27. Silkworms are reared on the soft leaves of which tree?

Ans Mulberry

28. Who is famous as the ‘Grand old man of India’?

Ans – Dadabhai Naoroji

29. Who discovered radioactivity?

Ans Henry Becquerel

30. When did the Civil Disobedience Movement start?
Answer – March 12, 1930-April 6, 1930

31. Khetri in Rajasthan is famous for what?

Ans. Copper mine

32. Which Prime Minister promoted the ideology of socialism?

Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru

33. Which state of India shares its border with China, Nepal and Bhutan?

Ans. Sikkim

34. What is the length of India’s coastline on the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal? Knowledge

Ans. 6100 km.

35. In how much time was the Constitution of India prepared?

Ans. 2 years 11 months and 18 days

36. The origin of the Krishna River is near

Ans. Mahabaleshwar

37. Who is called the Metro Man of India?

Ans. Sridharan

38. How many longitudes does the Earth cover in one hour?

Answer – 15°

39. Which is the central bank of India?

Ans-Reserve Bank of India

40. Lunar eclipse occurs when-

Ans – Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon

41. When was the national anthem of India first sung?

Ans- In the Kolkata session of Congress in 1911

42. Between which places was the first railway line started by the British rule

Ans- Between Mumbai and Thane

43. The Vice President is the ex-officio chairman of which institution?

Ans. Rajya Sabha

44. Who was the first woman Prime Minister of the world?

Ans Mrs. Srimavo Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka)

45. What is the budget called in the Constitution of India?
Ans Annual Financial Statement

46. Who is the author of Discovery of India?
Ans Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

47. Which is considered the biggest source of the Indian Constitution? Ans Government of India Act 1935

48. Who was the first Lok Sabha Speaker of India?
Ans Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar

49. Who has the right to change the name of which state? Ans : Parliament

50. Who was the first President of America?
Ans : George Washington

TOP 10 GK questions Answer 2024

Q.1 Who has the right to form a new state or change its boundary? Ans Parliament

Q. 2 Where is the headquarters of Interpol?
Ans Lyons (Paris)

Q.3 To whom is the Union Council of Ministers accountable?
Ans To the Lok Sabha

Q.4 Who built the Ellora Temple?
Ans Rashtrakuta rulers

Q.5 In which state of India was President’s rule imposed for the first time? Ans. In Kerala

Q.6 During the reign of which Governor General did railway and telegraph services start in India?

Ans. During the reign of Lord Dalhousie

Q.7 Where is Sir Creek located?

Ans. In the Rann of Kutch

Q.8 In whom does the executive power of the state lie?

Ans. In the Governor

Q. 9 Charak Samhita is related to which subject?

Ans. From medicine

Q. 10 Who is the builder of the Sun Temple of Konark Answer –Narasingh Dev II

New GK Question Answer

Which is the script of Punjabi language – Gurumukhi

Which is the southernmost shore of the mainland of India – Kanyakumari

From which state does the sun rise first in India
– Arunachal Pradesh

Who is the supreme commander of the armed forces in India
– President

Bihu is the famous festival of which state – Assam

Har ki Pauri located in Haridwar was built by Answer Raja Vikramagi




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