MCQs : Current Affairs of Today’s 28 June 2024

Today’s 28 June 2024 Current Affairs Question and Most informational questions MCQs

1. Who has been appointed the next Secretary General of NATO?

Mark Rutte will be the next Secretary General of NATO. Rutte is the former Prime Minister of the Netherlands and is considered an experienced politician and skilled negotiator. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is a military alliance founded on 4 April 1949. Its headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium.

2. Who is the 100th member to join the International Solar Alliance?

Paraguay is the 100th member to join the International Solar Alliance. The International Solar Alliance (ISA) was founded on 30 November 2015 in Paris. Its objective is to promote solar energy and establish it as an affordable and accessible energy source for sustainable development.

3. Microwave Obscurant Chaff Rocket is in the news?

Recently, DRDO has developed the Microwave Obscurant Chaff Rocket and given it to the Navy. It is used to protect aircraft and ships from enemy radar. The MOCR rocket carries a payload made of metal wires and aluminum pieces. When the rockets are fired, the payload expands in the air, forming a cloud that reflects radar waves.

4. Which administrative unit has been made the first to achieve full functional literacy?

Ladakh has become the administrative unit to achieve full functional literacy. Ladakh has achieved this feat under the ULLAS-Nav Bharat Literacy Programme. The ULLAS-Nav Bharat Literacy Programme is an initiative launched by the Government of India that aims to improve the literacy rate in the country

Today Current Affairs Questions : 28 June  2024 

1. South India’s first and the country’s largest leopard safari was inaugurated.
(a) Karnataka
(b) Tamilnadu
(c) Kerala
(d) None of these
Answer :(a) Karnataka

South India’s first and the country’s largest leopard safari was inaugurated at Bannerghatta Biological Park.

2. Exercise HOPEX – 2024 was organized between the armies of which countries?
(a) Span – France
(b) USA – Japan
(c) India – Egypt
Answer :(c) India – Egypt

Recently, Exercise HOPEX – 2024 was organized between the Indian Air Force and the Egyptian Air Force from 21 to 26 June. Rafale fighter aircraft participated in this exercise from India’s side.

3. International Solar Alliance was established in 2015, who has recently become its 100th member country?
(a) Peru
(b) Paraguay
(c) Kenyan
(d) Denmark
Answer: (b) Paraguay

The objective of International Solar Alliance is to ensure energy security of member countries and promote energy transition. Headquarters – Gurugram, Haryana It was formed in 2015 by India and France jointly during COP21 (Paris Climate Meeting)

4. Recently _______ has been made the Secretary General in place of NATO’s current Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg?
(a) Tallmi
(b) Mark Rutte
(c) Mark Ill
(d) Mark Probably
Answer: (b) Mark Rutte

NATO is a military and political alliance of European and North American countries. Which was established on 4 April 1949 and its headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium

5. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day is celebrated on?
(a) 27 June
(b) 28 June
(c) 30 June
(d) none
Answer :(a) 27 June

Every year Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Day is celebrated on 27 June. In April 2017, the United Nations designated 27 June as Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day.

6. Recently in the news, MR-MOCR is related to which sector?
(a) It is a rocket
(b) Developed by DRDO
(c) Manufactured by Laboratory Jodhpur
(d) All correct
Answer :(d) All correct

Recently, Medium Range-Microwave Obscurant Chaff Rocket (MR-MOCR) manufactured by Defence Laboratory Jodhpur of DRDO – Defence Research and Development Organisation was handed over to Indian Navy. This rocket has been made using a special technology, it is not caught by radar because a microwave shield is made around it.

7. Recently CAG Museum was inaugurated by:
(a) Modi
(b) Girish Chandra Murmu
(c) Draupadi Murmu
(d) None
Answer :b) Girish Chandra Murmu

Comptroller and Auditor General of India Girish Chandra Murmu inaugurated the ‘Chadwick House: Navigating Audit Heritage’ or CAG Museum in Shimla, which showcases the rich heritage of CAG and its contribution to the governance of the nation.

The museum comprises historical documents, artifacts, photographic exhibits, and digital archives that depict the journey of the CAG institution.

8. Which state / union territory of India has become a fully literate state under the New India Literacy Program.
(a) Ladakh
(b) Delhi
(c) Kashmir
(d) None
Answer :(a) Ladakh

Ladakh Union Territory has become a fully literate state under ULLAS-Nav Bharat Saaksharta Karyakram (New India Literacy Program).
The Central Government scheme was implemented by the Government of India for the period of financial year 2022-2027


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