MCQs : 6 January Current Affairs English 2024

6th January current affairs 2024 English 

1.Recently the cabinet of which state has approved ‘Rani Durgavati Anna Yojana’?
a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Orissa
c. Gujarat
d. Kerala

Answer: a. Madhya Pradesh

2.World War Orphans National Day is observed
(a)06 January
(b)07 January
(c)08 January
(d)09 January

Answer-(a)06 January

3.Which state has recently become the first to map ‘accident hotspots’?
a. myanmar
b. Lakshadweep
c. Delhi
d. Punjab

Answer d. Punjab

4. Who has recently launched its direct to sale Starlink satellite?


c. spacex
d. star link

Answer c. spacex

5. When is ‘National Bird Day’ celebrated?
a. 07 January
b. 05 January
c. 06 January
d. none of these

Answer-b. 05 January

6. Kyrgyzstan country has declared ‘_________’ as its national symbol?
a. fox
b. from kangaroo
c. snow Leopard
d. none of these

Answer c. snow Leopard

7. Recently, Wancho craft of which state has got GI tag?
a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Arunachal Pradesh
c. Rajasthan
d. Kerala

Answer b. Arunachal Pradesh

8. Recently _______ Raswali of Odisha got GI tag?
(a) Khamti rice
(b)Yak Churpi
(d) Kendrapada

Answer -(d)Kendrapada

9. ________ has taken over as the 30th Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief (FOCINC) of the Southern Naval Command?
(a) Praveen Singh
(b)Dinesh Tripathi
(c)V Srinivas
(d)None of this

Answer – (c)V Srinivas

10. Kadamba inscription found in Goa belongs to which century?
a. 10th century
b. 19th century
c. 18th century
d. 15th century

Answer a. 10th century
Note: Goa government has made IVF treatment free in its government hospitals.

11. In which state ‘Chandubi Utsav’ has been celebrated recently?
a. Assam
b. Punjab
c. Goa
d. Maharashtra

Answer Assam

12. Director General of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has been appointed on __________
(a) Anees Dayal Singh
(b) Neena Singh
(c) Rajan
(d)none of this

Answer -(a)Anees Dayal Singh

13. Has been appointed as the Managing Director of ‘National Asset Reconstruction Company’
(a)P Santosh
(b)R. Devendra
(c)v. Govind

Answer -(a)P Santosh

14. Recently in which state will Adidas establish its ‘GCC’?
a. Kerala
b. Punjab
c. Madhya Pradesh
d. Tamil Nadu

Answer d. Tamil Nadu

15. Which state has recently declared Poila Baishakh as its state day?
a. Punjab
b. West Bengal
c. Tamil Nadu
d. West Bengal

Answer-b. West Bengal

16. Which European Union country has recently become the first European Union country to issue digital Schengen visa?
a. newland
b. Switzerland
c. France
d. America

Answer c. France


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