9 January Current Affairs 2024 : MCQs | Arjun Award 2024

These current affairs questions can be asked in competitive exams. Major Dhyanchand Award 2024 and more

9 January Current Affairs 2024 English MCQs 

1. When is International Hindi Day celebrated
(a)06 January
(b)07 January
(c)08 January
(d)10 January

Answer-(d)10 January
Explain: World Hindi Day started in 2006. The then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced to celebrate World Hindi Day every year on 10 January.

2. In view of the increasing dominance of Hindi, Google has started _______?
(a)’Project Vani’
(b) Project Hindi
(c) Project Hindi Google
(d) none of these

Answer -(a)’Project Vani

Explain: Language diversity in India is a big challenge for Google. In view of the increasing dominance of Hindi, Google has started ‘Project Vani’. So that, using 22 languages ​​of India, others can be easily connected through technology.

Also, there is no problem in using many life-saving web services like online education and healthcare.

G-Board supports typing in 60 Indian languages ​​and 10

Also offers voice typing in Indian languages. At the same time, the ‘About this search’ option provides the facility to check the authenticity of search results in 9 Indian languages.

3. The pair of Rudranksh Patil and Mehuli Ghosh won the Asian Olympic title for Indian shooters on 09 January.
(a) Gold
(b) Silver
(d) None

Answer -(a)Gold

4. Ramlala’s _____ life consecration will take place on 22nd January?
(a) eighth
(b) second
(c) first
(d) third

Answer (a) Eighth
Explain – The first life consecration was done by Manu-Shatarupa. After that Dashrath, Kaushalya, Sita, Hanuman, Karsevaks, Court and now the Government. There is enthusiasm to build a temple. The celebration is of the installation of Ramlala in it. This is life prestige. Every Indian mind living in the world has reached Ayodhya. Every pore of every Sanatani is filled with pride.

– According to Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

5. Three varieties of handloom sarees – Tangail, Korial and Garad have got the Geographical Indication (GI) status. It belongs to which state of India?
(a) West Bengal
(b)Tamil Nadu
(c) Kerala
(d) Madhya Pradesh

Answer – (a) West Bengal
Tangail sarees are woven in Nadia and Purba Bardhaman districts, while Koriyal and Garad are woven in Murshidabad and Birbhum. are going

6. When was Earth Rotation Day celebrated recently?
a. 06 January
b. 08 January
c. 07 January
D.08 January

Answer: b. 08 January

7. Recently, which country’s Awami League has won the parliamentary elections for the 5th time?
a. China
b. myanmar
c. bangladesh

Answer: c. bangladesh

8. Joint exercise ‘SAMPRITI XI’ between ________ started in Meghalaya?
(a)India and Bangladesh
(b) India and America
(c) India and Sri Lanka
(d) China and South Africa

Answer -(a)India and Bangladesh

9. Recently in which state has Tata Power announced an investment of Rs 70000 crore?
a. Kerala
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Maharashtra
d. Gujarat

Answer b. Tamil Nadu

10. Which country has recently topped as a tourism source for Sri Lanka?
a. India
b. Pakistan
c. Maldives
d. Tibet

Answer a. India

11. Scindia and 1857 were written by
(a)Dr. Rakesh Pathak
(b)Dr. Ashutosh
(c)Dr. Parshuram
(d)Dr. Nidhi

Answer -(a)Dr. Rakesh Pathak

12. The world’s second largest global steel producer has become _____?
(a) India
(c) Russia

Answer -(a)India

13. President Draupadi Murmu gave the country’s highest sports honor ______ Khel Ratna Award to badminton players Satwik Sairaj Rankareddy and Chirag Shetty on 09 January 2024?
(a)Major Dhyanchand
(b) Bharat Ratna
(c) Vishwakarma Award
(d) Archana God

Answer -(a)Major Dhyanchand

14. Khel Ratna was given to __________ players including cricketer Mohammed Shami?


15. How many players from Madhya Pradesh have been given Khel Ratna?

Explain: For the first time after 23 years, 3 players from Madhya Pradesh received this award together.
Madhya Pradesh got 3 Arjun, one Dronacharya award.

16. What will be the world’s growth rate in 2024 as per WESP report?

Answer -(a)2.4
Explain: The United Nations World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) Report 2024 estimates that the world’s economic growth rate will be 2.4 percent in 2024, which is below the pre-pandemic growth rate of 3 percent.

17. Which company has become the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer in terms of sales of electric cars?
(c) 3rd

Explain: Chinese company ‘Build Your Dreams’ (BYD) is in the news for becoming the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer in terms of sales of electric cars. BYD sold 5,26,409 electric cars in the global market in the fourth quarter (October-December) of 2023.

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