17 January 2024 Current affairs English quiz

Customer Service Day is celebrated every year on 17 January in India. The history of 17 January is that in 1946 the first meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) was held on this day. This is the main organ of the United Nations. Today we will know the most important question answers of current affairs of 17th January.

17 Jan Current Affairs 2024 Question Answer in English 

1. In which state ‘Vulture restaurant’ has been opened recently 2024
(a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Jharkhand

Answer -(c)Jharkhand

‘Vulture restaurant’ established in Koderma district of Jharkhand to preserve vultures. The first ‘vulture restaurant’ in India was opened in Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary in Raigarh district of Maharashtra in 2015 and also in the year 2021. In 2017, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change had launched a ‘Vulture Action Plan 2020-25’ for the conservation of vultures in the country.

2. The first vaccine for ________ ‘ChAdOx1 NipahB’ is being developed by scientists of University of Oxford, UK?
(a) Nipah virus
(b) Coronavirus
(c)Holiday virus
(d)Dengue virus

Answer -(a) Nipah virus

3. FIFA best player awards-2023 was announced by FIFA on 16 January 2024.
(a)10 January
(b)16 January
(c)17 January
(d)18 January

Answer-(b)16 January

Aitana Bonmati female player has won FIFA Best Player Awards – 2023. In the year 2023, Spanish female football player Aitana Bonmati was awarded FIFA Feamle best player awards – 2023.

4. Where will India’s first centrally funded ‘cow sanctuary’ be built recently?
(b) Ahmedabad
(c) Varanasi
(d)Uttar Pradesh

Answer -(a)Muzaffarnagar

5. Who has recently been honored with the ‘______________’ award?
(a)Best FIFA Men’s Player
(b) Best BCCI player
(c) best player
(d) none of these

Answer (a)Best FIFA Male Player

6. Bilateral exercise ‘X Ayutthaya’ took place between which countries?
(a) India and Thailand
(b) India and China
(c) India and America
(d) India and Russia

Answer -(a) India and Thailand

Explain: Recently, the first bilateral exercise ‘X Ayutthaya’ between the navies of India and which country has started?


7. ‘NACIN Campus’ was recently inaugurated by whom in Andhra Pradesh?
(a) Prime Minister Narendra Modi
(b) By the President
(c) By the Speaker of the Lok Sabha
(d) by the Chairman

Answer -(a) Prime Minister Narendra Modi

8. An agreement has been signed between India and Argentina for exploration and mining of which mineral?
(a) Lithium
(d) Bauxite

Answer -(a) Lithium

9. Who has recently become the new Finance Director of NLC India Limited?
a. Yogeshwar Dutt
b. Govind
c. Prasanna Kumar Acharya T
d. none of these

Answer c. Prasanna Kumar Acharya T

10. According to the survey released by NITI Aayog, in which state has poverty decreased the most?
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Rajasthan

Answer -(a) Uttar Pradesh

According to the survey released by NITI Aayog in January 2024, poverty decreased the most in the state of Uttar Pradesh. NITI Aayog published a study report on poverty estimates of 707 administrative districts of 36 states and union territories.

11. _________ Emmy Awards 2024 was organized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles, USA?

Answer -(b)75th

12. The famous 11-day ‘________ Dhanu Yatra’, considered as the world’s largest open-theatre, started in Odisha?

Answer -(a)76th

This year in 2024, Dhanu Yatra will be organized from January 15 to January 25. Dhanu Yatra was started in Bargarh, Odisha in 1947-48 as a symbol of the victory of good over evil. This festival is based on Krishna Leela and includes Krishna and Mythological story of his maternal uncle Kansa
Is shown.

13. The Department of Culture, Government of India had given the status of National Festival to Dhanu Mahotsav in November ________.


14. By which year has the Government of India set a target to reduce road accident deaths by 50 percent?
(c) 2029


According to the latest data of the Road Accident Report 2022, there have been 4.6 lakh road accidents in the year 2022, in which 1.68 lakh people have died and 4 lakh people have been seriously injured.

15. In which city was the CII National Conclave on Road Safety held recently?
a. Mumbai
b. New Delhi
c. Gandhinagar
d. none of these

Answer b. New Delhi

16. Who has recently inaugurated the 5th Meghalaya Games?
a. Narendra Modi
b. Draupadi Murmu
c. Dinkar Maheshwari
d. Om Birla

Answer b. Draupadi Murmu

17. Recently Bernardo Arévalo has become the new President of which country?
a. guatemala
b. turkistan
c. Indonesia
d. maldives

Answer a. guatemala

18. By whom has the book “Gandhi A life in Three Campaigns” been written?
(a)M. J.Akbar
(b) M. A Kirwani
(c) Mohan Rao
(d) none of these

Answer -(a)M. J.Akbar

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