Top 10 Current Affairs Questions: 14 May 2024 

Top 10 Current Affairs Questions: 14 May 2024 

1. Recently ____ meeting of ASEAN committee was organized in Malaysia?

Answer :(c)4th
In this meeting representatives from India and all 10 ASEAN countries participated in the discussion. During this discussion on cooperation between ASEAN countries and India was held.

2. When was the Vibrant Village Program, which was in discussion recently, approved? (a) 15 January 2023
(b) 15 February 2023
(c) 15 August 2021
(d) None

Answer :(b) 15 February 2023
Recently The Ministry of Home Affairs has approved 113 roads under the Vibrant Village Programme in Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Sikkim

It is a central government scheme, implemented from the financial year 2022-23 to 2025-26.

Objective: To enhance infrastructure (roads, education) in villages near the northern border of India (Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh and Union Territory of Ladakh)

3. Where was the _________ session of UNFF held recently in New York?
(c) 19th

Answer :(c) 19th
India participated in the 19th session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UFF) held in New York. Objective- To promote global forest management, conservation and sustainability

4. Surjit Singh has passed away recently?
(a) belonged to the state of Punjab
(b) poet and famous writer
(c) was awarded Padma Shri in 2012 for his contribution in the field of literature and education
(d) All of above

Answer :(d) All of above

5. The 77th annual Cannes ______ Festival is a festival to be held from 14 to 25 May 2024?
(a) Film
(b) Painting
(c) Artist
(d) None

Answer :(a) Film

The festival will organize Bharat Parv, which will introduce the world’s celebrities, film personalities, film producers, directors, buyers and sales agents from across the world to the opportunities in India.

6. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of IFFCO recently?
(a) Dilip Sanghani
(b) Balveer Singh
(c) Dinesh Balbnt

Answer :(a) Dilip Sanghani

Dilip Sanghani has been appointed as the Chairman of urea producing company Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited, (IFFCO). This is Dilip Sanghani’s second term as Chairman. He was made IFFCO Chairman for the first time in 2022.

7. _______ has been appointed as the Vice Chairman of IFFCO?
(a) Mohan Rao
(b) Baldev raj
(c) Balveer Singh
(d) none of these

Answer :(c) Balveer Singh

8. Who recently broke his own record of climbing the world’s highest peak the most number of times (28 times)?
(a) Rita Sherpa
(b) Kami Rita
(c) Kamlio raita
(d) none

Answer :(b) Kami Rita

Recently in May 2024, Kami Rita Sherpa of Nepal conquered Mount Everest for the 29th time

9. In which state was the species named Kattupuvamkurunnila discovered?
(a) Kerala
(b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Both
(d) none

Answer :(c) Both

Recently a species named Kattupuvamkurunnila was discovered in the Western Ghats, Kattupuvamkurunnila is a species of tree. A rare tree species, Uniala multibracteata, has been rediscovered after 140 years in the non-protected area of ​​​​Vagamon Hills of Western Ghats.

10. Who has been appointed as the first woman Director General of the state of Meghalaya?
(a) Idashisha Nongrang
(b) Idusisha die
(c) Indu malhotra
(d) none

Answer :(a) Idashisha Nongrang
Indian Police Service officer Idashisha Nongrang has been appointed as the Director General of Police of Meghalaya. Idashisha Nongrang is the first woman Director General of the state.


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