3rd January 2024 current affairs MCQs English

1. Who will replace Arindam Bagchi as the spokesperson of ________ External Affairs Ministry?
(a)Randhir Jaiswal
(b) Pramod Jaiswal
(c) Narendra Jaiswal
(d)None of these

Answer -(a)Randhir Jaiswal

Explain – Randhir Jaiswal took charge on 3 January 2024. Bagchi, a 1995 batch IFS officer, was on this post since March 2021.

2. Madhya Pradesh’s first microbiology lab will start in _______ by April,
(a) Indore
(c) ocean

Answer -(b)Bhopal

Explain – Through which virus, bacteria and fungus can be tested in milk, water, curd, meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables and spoiled food items in Madhya Pradesh itself. The first microbiology lab of the state and the 35th of the country will be built in Bhopal. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has also given Rs 7 crore to Food and Drug Administration Madhya Pradesh for this.

3. ISRO will launch its next generation heavy communications satellite GSAT-20 with the help of ______?
(b) NASA
(c) Chain
(d) Sudan

Answer -(a)Space-X

1. Which country’s Queen Margaret II has announced to step down?
(a) india

Answer -(c)Denmark

2. Who has recently been appointed as the ‘new DGP of Maharashtra Police’?

a. Rashmi Shukla
b. Mohan Goswami
c. Resham Lal Shukla
d. none of these

Answer a. Rashmi Shukla

3. When has DRDO celebrated its 66th Foundation Day recently?
a. 02 January
b. 01 January
c. 31st December
d. none of these

Answer b. 01 January

4.Who recently received the Swaminathan Award?
(a) T.M glad
(b) Virat Kholi
(d) B R Kamboj

Answer -(d)B R Kamboj

5. Which state has banned the purchase of land from outsiders?
(a) madhyapradesh
(c) Tamil Nadu

Answer -(d)Uttarakhand

6.Who will start Islamic Banking
(a) India
(b) Russia
(c) Pakistan

Answer (b) Russia

7.Who has recently taken over the chairmanship of 2024 BRICS?
(a) india
(b) USA
(c) UAE
(d) Russia

Answer-(d) Russia

8. In which state has a development project worth Rs 20,000 crore been recently launched by Prime Minister Modi?
(b) UP
(d) in Chhattisgarh

Answer -(a)Tamilnadu

9. Recently, which state made the Guinness World Record for collective Surya Namaskar at 108 places?
(a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) Orissa
(d) Gujarat

Answer -(d) Gujarat

10. Who has recently taken charge as the CMD of Power Grid?
(a) R.K Tyagi
(b) R. Rahman
(d) None of this

Answer -(a) R.K Tyagi

12. Where was the National Street Food Festival 2023 held recently?

(a) New Delhi
(b) Bhopal
(c) Mumbai
(d)none of this

Answer-(a)new Delhi

13. Which state government has launched a new e-governance initiative K-Smart?
Has been launched?
a. Kerala
b. Karnataka
c. Jammu and Kashmir
d. none of these

Answer a. Kerala

14. _______ became the Director General of Air Force Headquarters, New Delhi.
(a)Makarand Ranade
(b) Manoj Pandey
(c) Pramod Shukla
(d) Of these

Answer -(a)Makarand Ranade

14.India’s fastest solar electric boat ‘Barracuda’ launched in _____?

(c) Andhra Pradesh
(d) none

Answer – (b) Kerala

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