04 January 2024 Current Affairs English MCQs

Today’s 04 July Current Affairs Questions Answer for Compititive exams India

4 July Current Affairs 2024

Q.1 The World Bank has approved ______ dollars to support the development of green hydrogen initiative in India?
(a) 1.5 Billion
(b) 2.5 Million
(c) 25 Million
(d) None
Answer :(a) 1.5 Billion

This is related to India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission and energy goals, India has set to achieve 500 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2070.

Q. 2 Nirman Port is related to what?
(a) For students preparing for medicine
(b) For students preparing for UPSC
(c) For students preparing for agriculture department
Answer :(b) For students preparing for UPSC
Union Minister G Kishan Reddy has launched Nirman Portal to help UPSC Prelims Exam Passed Youth.
This is related to Mission Karmayogi launched by the Prime Minister.

Under the Nirman Portal, candidates from SC, ST, Female or Third Gender category, whose annual family income is less than 8 lakhs, are given Rs 1,00,000 for civil service.

Q.3 Recently, in which state of India has the world’s oldest ostrich nest been discovered? (a) Assam
(b) Arunachal paresh
(c) Andhra Pradesh
(d) Manipur
Answer :(c) Andhra Pradesh

The world’s oldest ostrich nest has been discovered in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. This nest is about 41,000 years old, in which many ostrich eggs have been found. This nest can provide important information about the extinction of megafauna in the Indian subcontinent.

Q.4 Where is South Asia’s largest Flying Training Organisation (FTO) being established?
(a) Ahmedabad
(b) Amravati
(c) Bhopal
(d) None
Answer :(b) Amravati

Air India is setting up South Asia’s largest Flying Training Organisation (FTO) in Amravati, Maharashtra. The total cost of this school is more than Rs 200 Crores.

Q.5 Which Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit 2024 is being organized in Kazakhstan recently?
(a) 44th
(b) 24th
(c) 46th
(d) 47th
Answer :(b) 24th

The 24th summit conference of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) started in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan on 3 July.
India hosted the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the year 2023.

Q.6 Where is the 16th Nomadic Elephant military exercise being organised?
(a) Between India and Mongolia
(b) Between India and USA
(c) Between India and France
(d) None

Answer :(a) Between India and Mongolia

Q.7 Who became the Prime Minister of Netherlands?
(a) Dorsii roots
(b) Mark Rutte
(c) Dick Schoof
(d) None
Answer :(c) Dick Schoof

Q.8 Who has been appointed as Deputy National Security Advisor?
(a) T V Ravichandran
(b) Ajit Doval
(c) ravichandran
(d) None

Answer :(a) T V Ravichandran

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