27 January current affairs 2024 English

1. Where is the world’s largest and most amazing temple being built on 750 acres?
(a) West Bengal
(b) Varanasi
(c) Kolkata
(d) Russia

Answer (a) West Bengal

Explain –
It is being shaped by 10 thousand experts from 10 countries at the ISKCON headquarters in Mayapur in Nadia district, 130 km from Kolkata. It has been named Temple of Vedic Planetarium (TOVP), whose chairman is Ambrish Das (Alfred Ford), owner of American automobile company Ford.

Jai Shri Radha-Krishna Temple

Worship in this will take place in 2025

Its in-charge Vraj Vilas Das said that it started in 2010.


2. Where will AIIMS Smart Card be implemented as the only mode of payment from April 1?
(a) AIIMS-Delhi
(b) AIIMS Bhopal
(c)AIIMS Bangal
(d) AIIMS Mumbai

Answer (a) AIIMS-Delhi

Explain – The pilot project of smart card payment running in some departments of AIIMS Delhi has been successful.

This will be applicable in all departments from March 31. From April 1, the only mode of payment will be AIIMS Smart Card. Cash payment will not be accepted at any counter other than the smart card top-up counter. J

3. The recently celebrated ‘Thaipusam festival’ is related to which religion?
(a) Hindu
(b) Sikh
(c) Jain
(d) Christian

Answer (a) Hindu

Explain – 20 lakh Hindu devotees gathered in the Betu Caves located near Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, to celebrate the Thaipusam festival. In Malaysia, with a population of about 35 million, Hindus constitute only 7 percent.

The belief is that on this day Mother Parvati gave the divine spear to Lord Murugan (Kartikeya) to defeat a demon. That demon had taken over heaven. Here people have to climb 272 steps to reach the temple.

4. How many people were given Padma Vibhushan in 2024?


Explain – In the year 2024, a total of 132 Padma awards have been announced along with 5 Padma Vibhushan, 17 Padma Bhushan and 110 Padma Shri. A total of 30 women, 8 NRIs and 9 people have been announced to be given Padma awards posthumously in the year 2024.
The central government announced the Padma awards for the year 2024 on January 25.

5. In the year 2024, 80 gallantry awards including 6 Kirti Chakras and _________ Shaurya Chakra will be awarded?

Answer -(a)16

6. Gallantry awards are announced twice a year, first on Republic Day and second on when?
(a) Independence Day
(b) Indian Day
(c) International Border Security Force Day
(d) 2 October

Answer -(a)Independence Day

7. The tableau of _______ was the best on the 75th Republic Day?
(a)Uttar Pradesh
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Rajasthan

Answer -(a)Uttar Pradesh

Explain – On the 75th Republic Day, 25 tableaux of 16 states-union territories and 9 ministries were shown on the duty path. President Smt. Draupadi Murmu was present on duty in New Delhi on January 26, 2024.


8. Which day is celebrated on 26 January
(a)International Customs Day
(b) International Labor Day
(c) International Customs Excise Day
(d) International Diversity Day

Answer (a)International Customs Day

Explain – International Customs Day (ICD) is celebrated every year on 26 January. This year in 2024 its theme is – Customs Engaging Traditional and New Partners with Purpose.

Objective – This day, to recognize the role and work of customs officials as well as agencies

Celebrated with the aim of focusing on situations and challenges


9.Which Indian player was recently given the female athlete of the year award in Sanda category by which institute?
(a)Roshibina Devi
(b) Ramkumari
(c) Prithvi Pratibha
(d) any of these

Answer (a)Roshibina Devi

Explain – Indian player Roshibina Devi was given the female athlete of the year award in Sanda category by International Wushu Federation’s (IWUF).


10. Recently, Petroleum Ministry approved the formation of subsidiary company for green energy to ONGC. According to ONGC, the proposed name of the company is “__________”?
(a)ONGC Green Limited
(b) Hydrogen Green Limited
(c) Green Revolution Development
(d) none of these

Answer -(a)ONGC Green Limited

Explain – Recently the Petroleum Ministry approved the formation of a subsidiary company for green energy to ONGC, the name of the subsidiary company is ONGC Green Limited.

ONGC Green Limited will work in green energy sectors like green hydrogen, hydrogen blending, renewable energy, solar wind and hybrid etc.

11. Which Indian has been given the Freedom of the City of London Award?
(a) Ajit Mishra
(b) Gopal Krishna
(c) Amit Mishra
(d) Gopal Mishra

Answer (a) Ajit Mishra

Explain – Ajit Mishra is a lawyer of Indian origin in Britain, he has been honored with this award for his outstanding contribution in the public sector.

11. India has won a total of ______ medals in the Asian Shotgun Championship 2024?



12. World’s tallest Ram temple of _______ will be built in Australia?
(a)100 feet
(b)721 feet
(c)250 feet
(d)800 feet

Answer – (b) 721 feet

13.India is going to celebrate its _________ National Voters’ Day in this year 2024?
(b) 13th
(c) 14th

Recently, National Voters’ Day has been celebrated on 25 January. The theme of National Voters’ Day 2024 is – Nothing Like Voting, I Vote for Sure). Celebrating National Voters’ Day was started for the first time by the then President Pratibha Patil in the year 2011.

14. Recently ‘Monpa Handmade Paper’ of which state has got GI Tag. It is related to which state?
(a) Arunachal Pradesh
(b)Tamil Nadu
(c) Kerala

Answer -(a) Arunachal Pradesh

15. Who has recently become the first Indian to win ‘Senior Euro Q-School’?
(a) Modi Nirahu
(b) Mukesh Chandra Bhatt
(c) Jyoti Randhawa
(d) none of these

Answer -(c)Jyoti Randhawa

16. Which state celebrates its foundation day on 25 January
(a) Himachal Pradesh
(b) Sikkim
(c) Manipur
(d) Nagaland

Answer -(a) Himachal Pradesh

17. Who has recently been appointed as the Justice of the Supreme Court?
(a) Prasanna B. Varale
(b)Brajmohan yadav
(c)Dr. gobind
(d)None of these

Answer -(a)Prasanna B. Varale


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