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19 Feb 2024 most important Current affairs

1. ‘Yuvika-2024’ which was recently discussed is related to?
(b) ISRO
(d)none of these

Answer – (b) ISRO
ISRO has announced Young Scientist Program 2024 (Yuvika). Indian Space Research Organization will organize Young Scientist Program ‘Yuvika-2024’ for students.

Objective – To educate the youth about new developments in science and technology

Young Scientist Program was started in 2019, it was successfully organized in the year 2019, year 2022 and year 2023.

2. Milan is the ___________ of naval exercise?
(a)12th edition
(b)67th edition
(c)22nd edition
(d) 11th edition

Answer -(a)12th edition

The 12th edition of MILAN naval exercise will be held off Visakhapatnam from 19-27 February, in which more than 50 countries will participate.

Navies of more than 50 countries along with India will participate in this exercise.

The international naval exercise Milan will be held in two phases, first harbor phase and second sea phase.

Theme of the 12th edition – “Building Naval Alliances for a Secure Maritime Future” Conduct of Exercise MILAN – Indian Navy MILAN is a biennial multinational naval exercise which was initiated in 1995 under India’s ‘Look East Policy’.

The exercise involves participation of foreign countries, with four countries (Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand) participating in the first edition.

3. Where has the first meeting of the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund been held recently?
(a)Washington DC
(d) India

Answer -(a)Washington DC

Global Biodiversity Framework Fund It was established in 2022 in Vancouver, Canada. The first Council meeting of the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund (GBFF) was recently held in Washington DC (United States of America).

Objective – To protect 30% of the earth by 2030.

The Global Biodiversity Framework Fund (GBFF) is a financing mechanism designed to mobilize and accelerate investments in the conservation and sustainability of wild species and ecosystems.19 Feb 2024 Daily Current Affairs MCQ | UPSC | SSC | Banking

4. ‘Komuraveli Railway Station’ is related to which state?
(a)Tamil Nadu
(b) Andhra Pradesh

Answer -(c)Telangana

Union Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav laid the foundation stone of Komuraveli Railway Station in Siddipet district of Telangana state.

Komuravelly village is famous for the famous Komuravelly Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple.

PM Modi inaugurates ‘Ramagundam NTPC Project’ in Telangana

Pemvarthy and Chandlapur were selected as the best tourist villages of Telangana.

Telangana government announces Chief Minister Breakfast Scheme for students Hyderabad gets India’s first solar roof cycling track

4. Who recently became the world’s third economy?
(c) India
(d) Germany


Recently, Germany became the third largest economy in the world by surpassing Japan. Japan is no longer the third largest economy in the world. Germany has overtaken it and taken this place in its name. According to government data, it will lag behind the size of Germany’s economy in 2023

5. Where has PM Modi laid the foundation stone of ‘Bharat Mart’ recently?
(b)New Delhi
(c) New York
(d)none of these

Answer -(a)Dubai

PM Modi and UAE PM Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum have laid the foundation stone of ‘Bharat Mart’

Bharat Mart will be established in KALYAOI MA Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone in Dubai.

Bharat Mart aims to provide a platform to India’s micro, small and medium enterprises to expand their reach

19 Feb 2024 Daily Current Affairs MCQ | UPSC | SSC | Banking

6. ________ (CoP-14) of the CoP for migratory birds will be held in Samarkand, the capital of Uzbekistan?
(a) 11th edition
(b) 15th edition
(c) 14th edition
(d)12th edition

Answer -(c)14th edition

The 14th edition of the CoP for Migratory Birds (CoP-14) will be held in Samarkand, the capital of Uzbekistan from 12 February to 17 February 2024.

In 2021, CoP-13 was organized in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. CoP (Conference of Parties) is organized by UNEP for the conservation of migratory birds.

7. Who will launch ‘Dream of the Desert’?
(a)Saudi Arabia
(b) ISRO

Answer -(a)Saudi Arabia

The luxury train, named ‘Dream of the Desert’, is a project of Saudi Arabian Railways (SAR) in collaboration with Arsenal Group.

It will offer “luxury train cruise” travel from Riyadh to Qurayyat, near the northern border with Jordan.

The train will pass through the desert areas of Saudi Arabia, including the city of Hail.

8. Which country chaired the 62nd session of the Social Development Commission?
(a) India

Answer -(a)India

India presided over the 62nd session of the Social Development Commission. India was represented by UN Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj. Priority theme of the 62nd session – “Promoting social development and social justice through social policies to accelerate progress on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and achieve the overarching goal of poverty eradication”

9. What is India’s rank in the Democracy Index 2023 released by EIU?


A total of 167 countries were included in the index.
According to the index, India’s rank is 41. Norway stood at the first position.

10. Recently, huge reserves of iron have been found in which state of India?
(a) Rajasthan
(c)Andhra Pradesh

Answer -(a) Rajasthan
Mineral Department of Rajasthan has found iron ore reserves in Karauli, Rajasthan. It is likely to be about 840 million tonnes of iron ore.19 Feb 2024 Daily Current Affairs MCQ | UPSC | SSC | Banking

11. Where is Jyotisar Experience Center based on the epic Mahabharata established?
(d)none of these

Answer -(a)Haryana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates Jyotisar Experience based on the epic Mahabharata in Rewari, Haryana
The center was inaugurated. The purpose of making this cultural place is to preserve the culture of the country. Jyotisar is said to be the birthplace of Geeta.19 Feb 2024 Daily Current Affairs MCQ | UPSC | SSC | Banking

12. Hijla Fair Festival is related to which state
(b) Manipur
(c) Jharkhand
(d)none of these

Answer -(c)Jharkhand

The famous state tribal Hijla fair festival started in Santal Pargana of Jharkhand district. This fair was started in Santal Pargana in Jharkhand in 1890 AD.

This fair is organized on the banks of Mayurakshi river.
Hijla Fair was given the status of State Fair by the Jharkhand State Government in 2015.

13. Jyoti Yaraji won gold medal in which sport?
(a) Race
(b) Badminton
(c) Hockey
(d) any of these

Answer -(a)Race

Jyoti Yaraji won the gold medal in the women’s 60 meter hurdles at the Asian Indoor Athletics Championships 2024 held in Iran on 17 February.


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