Today’s 21 March Current Affairs (TOP 5 Questions) 2024

Today’s day is 21 March, we will know the current affair of 21 March 2024 and some important people of today’s history.
Today is the day the Emergency of 1977 ended. The emergency imposed for the only time in the country ended today itself. PM Indira Gandhi had imposed emergency on 25 June 1975.

21 March 2024 Current Affairs Questions

Q1. According to (World Inequality Report), the income share of the richest one percent of the country’s population will increase to ______ percent in 2022-23?

Answer: A.22.6
There is now more inequality in India between the rich and the poor than during the British rule. According to the World Inequality Lab (World Inequality Report), the income share of the richest one percent of the country’s population has increased to 22.6 percent in 2022-23. At the same time, his share in the property has increased to 40.1 percent. This has happened for the first time in the last hundred years.

According to the report titled ‘Income and wealth inequality in India, 1922-2023: The rise of the billionaire rule’, the inequality gap has widened rapidly since economic liberalization in 1991.

Who has prepared the report: Famous French economist Thomas Piketty, Lucas Chancel of Harvard Kennedy School, Nitin Kumar Bharti of New York University and Anmol Somanchi of Paris School of Economics. – World Inequality Lab releases report every year since 1961.

Q2. Who has been given the Sangeet Kalanidhi Award?
A. Sheetal Devi
B.Nirmala Devi
C.Saroj Kumari
D.none of these

Answer: A. Sheetal Devi
The Election Commission of India has declared para archer and Arjuna Award winner Sheetal Devi as a ‘National Icon’ in the PWD category. The Commission has also released a dedicated voter guide for persons with disabilities and senior citizen voters.

Q3. Where has the Indian Army established the first Apache squadron?
C. Rajasthan

Answer: A.Jodhpur
Indian Army has established the first Apache squadron in Jodhpur. Apache is the world’s most advanced multi combat helicopter. It is equipped with missiles and can engage 128 targets in a minute. It has the capacity to carry huge quantities of weapons. It can fly at a speed of 280 kilometers per hour.

Q4. Which country will host WTSA 2024 and IMC 2024?
B. India

Answer: B. India
India will host the prestigious World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA) 2024 organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) along with the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2024. IMC is Asia’s largest telecommunications, media and technology forum. It is a three-day international conference and a technology exhibition.

Q5. Online Content Fact Check Unit gathan Kiya Gaya?
A.Under Press Information Bureau
B. NITI Aayog
C.A And B
D.None of these

Answer: A. Under Press Information Bureau
The Central Government has constituted a Fact Check Unit under the Press Information Bureau. The notification issued on Wednesday said, the Online Content Fact Check Unit will do the work of fact checking for the Central Government. Editors Guild of India President Ananthnath said, there is no place in a democracy for such a process in which a report is declared fake or propaganda and removed from the online platform. This is nothing but censorship.



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