Latest 22 April Current Affairs Questions 2024

Today’s current affairs question of 22 April is – World Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April every year and in 2024 the theme of World Earth Day is Planet vs. Plastics remained, and

the theme of 2023 was “Invest in our planet 54th World Earth Day was celebrated in the year 2024
World Earth Day In 1970, US Senator Gaylord Nelson started this day as environmental education In 2009, the United Nations announced to celebrate ‘International Mother Earth Day’ on 22 April

And More Current Affairs Questions for today’s 22 April 2024:

Q1. Llama 3 – Real-Time Image Generator Model was recently launched by whom?
(a) Meta
(b) Google
(c) Microsoft
(d) None

Answer:(a) Meta
META company has launched Llama 3 – Real-Time Image Generator Model. Its objective is to develop and promote the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Meta’s Llama 3 is the new series of open-source AI model Llama.

Q2. Aryabhatta Award – 2024 Who has been awarded with this recently?
(a)G Sathish Reddy
(b)Pavuluri Subba Rao
(c)Rohan Monteiro

Answer :(b)Pavuluri Subba Rao
Former ISRO scientist Pavuluri Subba Rao has been awarded the prestigious Aryabhatta Award – 2024 by the Astronautical Society of India (ASI)

Pavuluri Subba Rao is a former ISRO scientist as well as the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Anant Technologies Limited

Who is given the Aryabhatta Award?

The Aryabhatta Award is an annual award conferred to individuals who have made notable lifetime contributions to the field of space science and aerospace technology in India

Q3. What is ‘Thrissur Pooram’?

(a) Tribal tribe
(b) Scientific laboratory
(c) Launch vehicle
(d) Festival

Answer :(d) Festival

Thrissur Pooram is a famous temple festival celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala which is held at the Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur.

Thrissur Pooram festival is celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva. The main part of this festival is the elephant parade.

Q4. Which country has recently become the 39th country to join the ‘Artemis Agreement’?

Answer :(a)Slovenia
The purpose of the Artemis Agreement is to promote space exploration, to enhance peaceful relations between nations. India became a member of the Artemis Agreement on 22 June 2023.

The European country Slovenia has become the 39th country to join the Artemis Agreement, before this the European country Sweden had joined this agreement as the 38th country.

Q5. Recently, which intelligence bureau has been appointed as the Special Director?

(a)Tapan Kumar Deka
(b)Sapna Tiwari
(c)Sapna Choudhary
(d) None of these

Answer :(b)Sapna Tiwari
The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has appointed Sapna Tiwari as the Special Director of the Intelligence Bureau. Sapna Tiwari has been appointed for two years and she will hold this post till 30 April 2026.

Q6. What is the amount awarded in Dr. Malcolm Adiseshia National Award?

(a) 2 Lakh Rupees
(b) 3 Lakh Rupees
(c) 7 Lakh Rupees
(d) 10 lakh Rupees

Answer :(a) 2 Lakh Rupees 
This award is given every year to a mid-career scholar who has made outstanding contributions in the field of development studies. Recently, Professor Surinder S Jodhka will be awarded the Dr. Malcolm Adiseshia National Award 2024.

Q7. Elizabeth Adiseshia Award is related to?

(a) The award given for outstanding contribution in development studies is
(b) In scientific field
(c) The award related to agriculture field is
(d) None

Answer : A
Recently, Associate Professor Vikas Kumar of Azim Premji University will be awarded the Elizabeth Adiseshiah Award. The Malcolm Adiseshiah Award was started in 2000 and is given by the Malcolm and Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust.
This award is given every year in the social scientific field to those who have made outstanding contributions to development studies through research, teaching, policy advocacy or public service.


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