Bharat Ratna : Daily Current Affairs 10 February 2024

You will know the current affairs of 10february 2024 and the question answers that will be generated from it in competitive exams. If you are preparing for any competitive exam, then the question answers that will be generated from current affairs are given below.

10 February India History
Do you know? The first result of the first election came on this day i.e. on 10th February. 1952 The first Lok Sabha elections in the country were held between 25 October 1951 and 21 February 1952. The first result came today itself.

Daily Current Affairs 10 February 2024

1. Who is the 50th recipient of Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award?
(a) Lal Krishna Advani
(b) Chaudhary Charan Singh
(c) Karpuri Thakur
(d)Dr. MS Swaminathan

Answer -(a)Lal Krishna Advani

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to honor these three persons with ‘Bharat Ratna’ on social media on 09 February.

1. Former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh,
2. Dr. MS Swaminathan, the inspiration for the Green Revolution, and
3. Former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao is included.

Earlier, on 3 February, it was announced to give this honor to Lal Krishna Advani and on 23 January, former Chief Minister of Bihar Karpuri Thakur was also announced.

Before the announcement of these awards, North Indian farmers, Jats, and South Indian citizens have also been honored with this honor in support of the leftist ideology. The image of Chaudhary Charan Singh and Dr. MS Swaminathan is famous as farmer well-wishers, while Narasimha Rao and Swaminathan have direct links with the South.

2. AI app Gemini AI has been recently launched by?
(a) Google
(d)none of these

Answer -(a)Google

Explain – Google has officially introduced its AI app Gemini AI. It is a bard chatbot which comes with Duet AI and comes with advanced features. It is being said that this chatbot will compete with GPT.

Additionally, it works as a personal tutor and helps job seekers with coding and interviews. Nano, Pro, and Ultra versions of Gemini Advance will be available. Indian users will get access to Gemini Advance with Google One premium plans.

The starting plan with 100 GB storage is priced at Rs 130 per month, while the plan with 5 TB storage is priced at Rs 1930 per month. Free version also available for limited use

10 February 2024 Current affairs

1. When is National Liberation Day celebrated?
(a)10 February
(b)11 February
(c)12 February
(d)1 February

Answer -(a)10 February

Explain – National Deworming Day is celebrated every year on 10 February. This day was started in the year 2015.

2. Who will address the 7th Indian Ocean Conference recently?
(a) S. Jaishankar
(b) Narendra Modi
(c)Amit Shah
(d)None of these

Answer -(a)S. Jaishankar

3. Recently which of the following musicians has been honored with the International Lakshmi Narayan Award?
(a) Madhusudan Thakur
(b) Gopal Verma
(c) Pyarelal Sharma
(d) Nothing within

Answer -(c)Pyarelal Sharma

4. Recently, which space mission named Pence has been launched to detect the warming earth, ocean and atmosphere?
(a) NASA
(b) ISRO

Answer -(a)NASA

5. Recently the first BIMSTEC Aquatics Championship – 2024 has started.
(c) Sri Lanka
(d) none

Answer -(a)India

Current affairs 2024 Questions Answer 10 February

6. Which country has recently announced visa free travel for Indian citizens
(a) Iran
(b)Saudi Arabia
(d)none of these

Answer -(a) Iran

Explain the purpose of tourism: If a person goes to Iran, he is exempted from visa for 15 days. From the country of Iran

7. According to the recent IEA, when will India become the most demanding country in the world?


IEA was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Paris, France.


8. Recently __________ government has launched ‘Device Nitish’ for whom.
(b) Maharashtra

Answer -(a)Bihar

9. Which technology institute has recently tested India’s first hypervelocity expansion tunnel?
(a) IIT Raypure
(b)IIT Kanpur
(c)IIT Mandhrsh

Answer -(b)IIT Kanpur

10. How many rupees has India contributed to the UN regular budget recently?
(a)31.89 million dollars
(b)12.89 million dollars
(c)92.89 million dollars
(d)100 million dollars

Answer -(a)31.89 million dollars

11. With whom has SBI signed an agreement to promote payments to Indian students studying abroad?
(a) Flywire
(b)Google pay
(c) Pytam
(d) Phone pay

Answer -(a)Flywire

12. Recently, which time has Taylor Swift won the “Album of the Year Award” at the 66th Grammy Awards 2024?
(a)2nd time
(b)4th time
(c)9th time
(d)5th time

Answer -(b)4th time

13. Which country has recently appointed Footballer Unicum Junior as the Goodwill Ambassador for Education for UNESCO.
(b) india
(d)none of these

Answer -(a)Brazil

10 February current affairs


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