April & May Weekly Current Affairs Questions 2024, UPSC & more Exams

If you are preparing for any competitive exam then it will be important for you to prepare some important topics of this week (April & May Week’s) and Current Affairs Question Answers related to these events can be asked in Competitive exam (UPSC, SSC, IAS, Police, SI and more.) like

International & National : Solomon Islands, IQ Air Ranking, Chang’e 6, 6G Cooperation, Hamza Yusuf, Prabowo Subianto Antares, World Press Freedom Index, Most Polluted Cities, India-Indonesia Joint Defence Cooperation Committee Meeting, Green Taxonomy, Global Media Award, Whitley Gold Prize – 2024, India’s Third Woman Grandmaster, What is ZiG?, Green Taxonomy, Constitution Park, 46th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, K.V. Kamath, Historical Records Commission, Green Hydrogen Pilot Project

  • Economic: NCPI, ZIG (Zimbabwe Gold), S&P Global Report, Indian Vaccine Manufacturers Association
  • Sports: French Football League-1, World Junior Badminton Championships, Devon Thomas, World 10K Competition, Usain Bolt, Saurav Ghoshal, WFI Athletes Commission
  • Science and Technology: Rapaz missile, Chacisaurus neculus, Kamikaze drone, Shenzhou 18, Goldman Environmental Prize 2024

May Weekly Current Affairs new Questions

1. Which country ranked first in the World Press Freedom Index?
(a) Norway

Answer:(a) Norway

2. Recently, the first international conference on UN’s Digital Public Infrastructure was organized under the leadership of which country?
A. India
B. Belgium
C. Switzerland
D. Uganda

Answer: A. India

3. Which is the most polluted city in the world?
(a) Delhi
(b) Kabul
(c) Kathmandu
(d) Thailand

Answer :(c) Kathmandu

4. What is the interest rate announced by RBI on Floating Rate Saving Bonds 2034?
A. 4%
B. 6%
C. 8%
D. 10%

Answer : C. 8%

5. Green Taxonomy?
(a) Durable goods and services

(b) Colombia is the first country in the Americas to publish its own Green Taxonomy

(c) A system for classifying environmentally friendly investments

(d) All of the above

Answer :(d) All of the above

6. Which organisation has raised USD 5 million in seed funding from PayU to enhance cross-border payments?
B. PayPal
C. PayGlocal
D. PhonePe


7. Who has recently been appointed in place of Vice Admiral (Deputy Chief) Dinesh Kumar Tripathi in the Indian Navy?
(a) Krishna Shahrukh
(b) Krishna Swaminathan
(c) Krishna Sharma
(d) Krishna Nayar

Answer :(b) Krishna Swaminathan

8. According to this April report of NCAER, how fast will the Indian economy grow in the financial year 2024-25?

A. 7.5%
B. 7%
C. 6.8%
D. 6.1%

Answer : B. 7%

9. Which AI anchor was recently given the Global Media Award?
(a) AI Sana
(b) AI Mna
(c) AI Laxmi
(d) AI Die

Answer :(a) AI Sana

10. Who has won the 35th Goldman Environmental Prize (2024)?
A. Teresa Vicente
B. Marcel Gomes
C. Jadav Payeng
D. Alok Shukla

Answer : D. Alok Shukla

11. In which country is the world’s largest airport being built recently?
(a) India
(b) UAE
(c) USA
(d) None

Answer :(b) UAEApril & May Weekly Current Affairs Questions 2024, UPSC & more Exams

12 . Who has recently won the 2024 Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Award for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region?
A. Gina Justus
B. Meena Mishra
C. Gopi Thotakura
D. Akshata Krishnamurthy

Answer : A. Gina Justus

13. When is International Labour Day celebrated? (a) 1 May
(b) 5 March
(c) 5 May
(d) None of these

Answer : (a) 1 May

14. Who has been appointed as the DG of National Solar Energy Institute?
A. Daljit Singh Chaudhary
B. Nawaf Salam
C. Mohammad Rehan
D. Ranjit Kumar Agarwal

Answer : C. Mohammad Rehan

15. In which country is the world’s largest airport being built recently?
(a) India
(b) UAE
(c) USA
(d) None

Answer :(b) UAE

16. When was Satellite Technology Day 2024 celebrated all over India?
A. 19 April
B. 22 April
C. 29 April
D. 02 April

Answer : A. 19 AprilApril & May Weekly Current Affairs Questions 2024, UPSC & more Exams

17. What status did the Finance Ministry give to the gems and jewellery sector?
A. Authorised Economic Operator
B. International Organization for Standardisation
C. Bureau of Indian Standards Registration
D. Hallmark Unique Identification Number

Answer A. Authorised Economic Operator

18. Which Indian Naval ship has participated in the maritime partnership exercise with the UK’s Littoral Response Group South?
A. INS Tir
B. INS Jatayu
C. INS Sandhyak
D. INS Sahyadri

Answer : D. INS Sahyadri

19. In which desert has a biosphere of microorganisms been found?
(a) Atacama Desert
(b) Sahara Desert
(c) Carcross Desert
(d) None

Answer :(a) Atacama Desert.

20. Who has been made the ambassador of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024?
A. Dame Valerie Adams
B. Vinicius Junior
C. Yuvraj Singh
D. Ayushmann Khurrana

Answer: C. Yuvraj Singh

21. Which of these species has been discovered in the Tail Valley Wildlife Sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh?
A. Neptis philira
B. Nusthoa isro
C. Melanovalamys draupadi
D. Sphaerotheca Varshabhu

Answer: C. Neptis philira

22. Who is the author of the self-help book “The Winners Mindset”?
A. Rakhi Kapoor
B. Pankaj Kumar Chatterjee
C. Shane Robert Watson
D. Salman Rushdie

Answer: C. Shane Robert Watson

23. When was World Intellectual Property Day 2024 celebrated across the world?
A. 15 March
B. 13 February
C. 20 April
D. 26 April

Answer D. 26 AprilApril & May Weekly Current Affairs Questions 2024, UPSC & more Exams

24. Which IIT’s incubation centre has tied up with ADIF?
A. IIT Delhi
B. IIT Kharagpur
C. IIT Madras
D. IIT Guwahati

Answer D. IIT Guwahati

25. Which credit card provider has recently launched its first core travel credit card with 3 variants (Miles Elite, Miles Prime, Miles)?
A. Mastercard
B. HDFC Card
C. American Express
D. SBI Card

Answer D. SBI Card

26. Which Indian wrestler has been elected as the chairman of the 7-member Athletes Commission of WFI?
A. Narsingh Pancham Yadav
B. Sushil Kumar
C. Geeta Phogat
D. Bajrang Punia

Answer A. Narasimha Pancham Yadav

27. Which country has launched Shenzhou-18 spacecraft with 3 astronauts for the space station?
(a) Chain
(b) Japan
(c) Indonesia
(d) None

Answer :(a) ChainApril & May Weekly Current Affairs Questions 2024, UPSC & more Exams


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