4 April Current Affairs English 2024 Questions /MCQs

This current affairs question answer is useful for students preparing for big competitive exams like UPSC and state PSC.

Q1. When is National Maritime Week 2024 being celebrated?

National Maritime Week 2024 is being celebrated from 29 March to 5 April. This week is celebrated in memory of the historic journey of the first Indian steamship ‘SS Loyalty’. The number of Indian seafarers has increased by 140 percent in the last 9 years. The total number of active Indian seafarers in 2014 was 1,17,090 which increased to 2,80,000 in 2023.

Q2. What is Stargate?

Stargate is an AI supercomputer being developed by Microsoft and OpenAI. The potential cost of this project is $100 billion. Microsoft and OpenAI companies plan to build a series of supercomputers in the next six years.

Q3. Which are the countries joining the Schengen travel area?

Romania and Bulgaria have partially joined the Schengen travel area. The Schengen area comprises 29 European countries. There is generally no passport control at the borders between these countries. If you have a valid visa or residence permit from one of these countries you can also travel to other Schengen countries.

Q4. Daniel Kahneman was associated with which field?

Behavioural economics expert and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman passed away. Kahneman did research in the field of behavioural economics and cognitive psychology.

Q5. Which is the first Indian company to be certified with ASI Performance Standard?

Chhattisgarh-based Vedanta Aluminium unit Balco has achieved ASI Performance Standard View certification, making it the first Indian company to receive this certification. The Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Performance Standard View certification is based on 62 environmental, social and governance principles and criteria.

Q6. Where is Gagan Shakti exercise being held?

The country’s largest air military exercise ‘Gagan Shakti-2024’ of the Indian Air Force is going on. 15 thousand air warriors will participate in this 10-day exercise. Many fighter aircraft and helicopters including indigenous fighter aircraft Tejas, Rafale, Sukhoi 30, Jaguar, Globemaster, Chinook, Apache, Prachand will take part in this exercise.

Q7. Who has become the first woman Prime Minister of Congo?

The African country Congo has appointed Judith Suminwa Tuluka as the country’s first woman Prime Minister. Congo is a country located in Central Africa. It borders Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Angolan exclave of Cabinda.

Q8. Who is the oldest player to top the ATP rankings?

24-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic has started his 419th week as world number-1. With this, he will become the oldest world number one in the history of ATP rankings at the age of 36 years and 321 days. He has broken the record of Roger Federer.

4 April Daily Current Affairs MCQ 2024

1. Dr. Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister of India for which number?
(a) 13th
(b) 14th
(c) 12th
(d) 10th

Answer: (a) 13th

Recently, on 3 April, the former PM of the country Manmohan Singh retired from the Rajya Sabha. Manmohan Singh was a member of the Rajya Sabha for 33 years. Dr. Manmohan Singh’s autobiography is ‘Changing India’ and he was the 15th Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Giving importance to his work, the Government of India honored him with the Padma Vibhushan in 1987.

2. The Konda Reddy tribe, which came into the news recently, belongs to which state?
(a)Andhra Pradesh
(b)Madhya Pradesh
(d)None of these

Answer :(a)Andhra Pradesh
Recently, the Konda Reddy tribe shared their indigenous knowledge with the forest officials of Andhra Pradesh. This tribe has informed the forest officials of Andhra Pradesh about the presence of water inside the branches of the Indian Laurel tree (Terminalia Tomentosa) found in Papikonda National Park on the basis of their knowledge

3. Who has recently replaced Ajay Singh, President of ASSOCHAM?
(a) Sanjay Ahirwar
(b) Sanjay Nair
(c) Sanjay Kumar Jain
(d) Sanjay Padak

Answer :(b) Sanjay Nair
Recently Sanjay Nair has taken over as the President of ASSOCHAM Sanjay Nair has been made the President in place of former President Ajay Singh Sanjay Nair, Chairman of Sorin Investment Fund, has been appointed as the President of ASSOCHAM for 2024-25

4. Myth Vs Reality Platform was recently developed by which ministry?
(a) Election Commission of India
(b) Ministry of Education
(c) Ministry of Commerce
(d) None of these

Answer :(a) Election Commission of India
In Nirvachan Sadan, New Delhi, ‘ has launched the Myth Vs Reality Platform to prevent the spread of misinformation during the Lok Sabha elections 2024

5. According to the reports of World Bank, by how much percent India’s economy is estimated to grow in 2024?
(a) 7.1%
(b) 7.2%
(c) 7.4%
(d) 7.5%

Answer :(d) 7.5%
Recently, World Bank has released an update on South Asia development. World Bank has increased the previous estimate of India’s economy by 1.2 percent. In the year 2025 also, the total growth rate of South Asian countries is estimated to be 6.1 percent.

6. Paradip port is related to which states? (a) Odisha
(b) Visakhapatnam
(c) Mumbai
(d) None of these

Answer :(a) Odisha
The Paradip port, which was in the news recently, has surpassed Deendayal Port, Kandla (Gujarat) in terms of cargo handling.

Odisha’s Paradip port is ranked top among major ports of India in terms of cargo handling in the financial year 2023 – 24. In 2023-24, Paradip port handled 145.38 million metric tonnes (MMT) of cargo.

7. Abdel Fateh al-Sisi recently took oath as the President of which country?
(a) Egypt
(b) Portugal
(c) Kenya
(d) Canada

Answer :(a) Egypt
Abdel Fatah al-Sisi took oath as the President of Egypt for the 7th time. Sisi won the presidential election in December 2023 with about 90% of the votes. His term as the President of Egypt will last till the year 2030. Abdel Fatah al-Sisi became the President of Egypt for the first time in 2014.


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