Today’s 8 April Current Affairs 2024 Question

Most important current affairs in the current affairs of 8 April 2024 which can be questioned in competitive exams
This is today’s question in the Question of 08 April  Current Affairs – Recently, researchers from Kerala University have discovered a 5,200-year-old Harappan settlement in Khatia village of Kutch district of Gujarat. Terracotta pottery, porcelain, artifacts and animal bones have been found in this discovery

8 April current affairs 2024 English

Q1. The World Future Energy Summit will be organized from 16 to 18 April in _____?
(b)United Arab Emirates

Answer :(b)United Arab Emirates
During the conference, the promotion of clean energy sources, development of new technology of clean energy is discussed

Q2. Indian Coast Guard Aquatic Center inaugurated in ICGS Mandapam of which state?
(a)Tamil Nadu
(d)none of these

Answer :(a)Tamil Nadu
On 6 April, Indian Coast Guard (ICG) Director General Rakesh Pal inaugurated the Indian Coast Guard Aquatic Centre at ICGS Mandapam in Tamil Nadu state

Q3. Canoeing player Bilkis Mir belongs to which state?
(a)Jammu And Kashmir
(b) Manipur
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Kerala

Answer :(a)Jammu And Kashmir
Recently, canoeing player Bilkis Mir has been appointed as a jury member in the Paris Olympics 2024. Bilkis Mir is the first Indian woman to become a member of the Olympic jury

Q4. When is World Health Day celebrated?
(a) 10 April
(b) 08 April
(c) 7 April
(d) none of these

Answer :(c) 7 April
Recently World Health Day was celebrated on 7 April, the theme of World Health Day – 2024 is My health, my right Theme – 2023 Health for all

Q5. Indian Army’s Air Defense Corps recently got command and control system under ______?
(a)Akashteer Project
(d)none of these

Answer :(a)Akashteer Project
Manufactured by Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Akashteer is an automated air defense control and reporting system. It has a network of sensors and radars, which immediately issue alerts about enemy aircraft, jets, helicopters, drones and missiles.

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and the Ministry of Defence signed a contract for the procurement of automated air defence control and reporting system ‘Project Akashteer’ worth Rs 1,982 crore for the Indian Army in April 2023

Q6. ________ has been elected chairman of the National Cooperative Dairy Federation of India?
(a)Govind shah
(b)Meenesh Shah
(c)Meena says
(d)none of these

Answer :(b)Meenesh Shah
Meenesh Shah has been elected in place of Mangal Jeet Rai
National Cooperative Dairy federation of Indian

National Cooperative Dairy Federation of India is a national level apex dairy cooperative body which works for institutional sale of milk and milk products

Q7. The world’s most powerful laser, billions of times brighter and brighter than the Sun, has been developed?
(a) In Romania
(b) Chain me
(c) in India
(d) in USA

Answer :(a) In Romania

8.The Bokaro Steel Plant, which was in the news recently, belongs to which state?
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Odisha
(d) Jharkhand

Answer :(d) Jharkhand
Carbon monoxide gas leaked due to the bursting of the gas pipe of the furnace area in the Bokaro Steel Plant located in Jharkhand. It is the fourth steel factory in the public sector. It was established in 1964 with the cooperation of the Soviet Union.

Q9. According to the 2022 doping report released by the World Anti-Doping Agency, _______ country has the highest number of doping cases?
(d)none of these

Answer :(a)India
India is the only country in the world where more than 100 positive results have come. From 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022, 3,865 tests of Indian athletes were tested which were positive.

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