Today’s 16 March Daily Current Affairs 2024 top (15 Questions)

Today’s 15 March Daily Current Affairs Questions Answer MCQs for UPSC, SSC Bank, RAILWAY, Ets… Compititive exams

What was the history of India on 16 March?
Today is 16 March 1995. The first dose of oral polio vaccine was given in the country. Since then it is celebrated as National Immunization Day.

15 March 2024 Current Affairs UPSC

How many heritage sites of Madhya Pradesh have been included in the temporary list by UNESCO recently?

Answer :(a)6

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has included 6 monuments of the state in the temporary list of World Heritage Sites. These include Bhojeshwar Mahadev Temple (Bhojpur), Gwalior Fort, groups of Dhamnar, rock art sites of Chambal Valley, Gond monuments of Ramnagar and Mandla, Khooni Bhandara of Burhanpur. This is the first stop. Whenever a new World Heritage Site is declared in the future, it will be considered from among the properties included in the provisional list.


1. National Vaccination Day is celebrated every year in India on _______?

(a) 16 March
(b) 17 March
(c)20 March
(d) 18 March

Answer :(a) 16 March

2. What is India’s rank in Gender Inequality Index 2022?

Answer :(a)108

India ranks 108 in Gender Inequality Index 2022 released by United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

India was ranked 135th in the Human Development Index of 2021 while it was ranked 122nd in the Gender Index.

3. Which day is celebrated on 15 March?
(a) World Consumer Rights
(b) world teacher day
(c) World Cancer Day
(d)none of these

Answer :(a)World Consumer Rights

This day is celebrated every year on 15 March to raise global awareness about consumer rights and needs. World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated every year on 15 March since 1983.

National Consumer Day is celebrated in India on 24 December. In India, the Consumer Protection Act came into force in 1986.


4. Where has the world’s first 3D mosque been built recently?
(a) India
(d)Saudi Arabia

Answer :(d)Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia unveiled the world’s first Uri printed mosque. The name of this mosque is Abdulaziz Abdullah Sharbatli Mosque,


5. “Global Methane Tracker – 2024” report was recently released by?
(a)International Energy Alliance
(b)International Nature Energy
(c)International Energy Agency
(d)none of these

Answer :(c)International Energy Agency

International Energy Agency (IEA) releases annual “Global Methane Tracker 2024” report

Bioenergy had contributed about 10 million tonnes of methane emissions.

Of the 120 metric tons of methane emitted into the atmosphere, about 80 million tons of methane emissions came from just 10 countries,

7. PB-SHABD platform is related to?
(a)Database Shearing
(b) News sharing
(c) Education share
(d)none of these

Answer :(b)News sharing

Recently news sharing platform “PB-SHABD” was launched by Prasar Bharat.

8. Pandavula Gutta was designated a special geo-heritage site by which state?
(b)Madhya Pradesh
(c)Uttar Pradesh
(d)none of these

Answer :(a)Telangana

Telangana state has declared Pandavula Gutta as a special geo-heritage site.
has named

9. In which state is the Global Spirituality Festival-2024 being organized?
(b) Manipur
(c) Meghalaya

Answer :(a)Telangana

Global Spirituality Festival-2021 is being organized by the Union Ministry of Culture and Heartfulness Organization from 14 to 17 March at Kanha Vanam, Hyderabad.

10. Where was the first political and military dialogue between India and Brazil organized recently?
(a) Bhopal
(b) Ahmedabad
(d)New Delhi

Answer :(d)New Delhi

India’s diplomatic relations with Brazil were established in the year 1948 when India established its embassy in Rio de Janeiro on 3 May 1948. In August 1971, the embassy was moved to Vrasilia.

11. What is India’s rank in the list of 163 countries in the Global human development index-2022?

Answer :(a)134


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