Current affairs 26 February 2024 most imp questions

26 February 2024 Daily Current Affairs Questions

1. Who was recently elected Miss World Sportswoman?
(b)Luciaja Bezic

Answer :(b)Luciaja Bezic

Sports Challenge was organized on Saturday in the Miss World competition being organized in Delhi. In this, Croatia’s Luciaja Bejic was crowned Miss World Sportswoman. In this, the participants divided into 4 teams and showed their skills in cricket, hockey, football and athletics. Sports
Croatia, Chile and Peru after Challenge Fast Track event
The participants have been selected for the top-40. In the Miss World Contest, sports challenges were given to test the fitness, good health, positive mentality and team spirit of the participants.

2. In which state of India Kamakhya Lok will be built
(b) Manipur
(c) Meghalaya
(d) Uttar Pradesh

Answer :(a)Assam

This temple, one of the 52 Shaktipeeths located on the Nilanchal mountain in Guwahati, Assam, is going to be transformed into a ‘divine world’. It will be rejuvenated for around Rs 700 crore. The state government has prepared the preliminary detailed project report (DPR). According to this, the temple built in the 15th century will be built as per the 21st century. The temple campus of three thousand square feet will be expanded in an area of ​​more than 1 lakh square feet. The surrounding 3 acres of land will also be kept reserved for future expansion.


3. In which state MSME Defense Expo 2024 has started recently?
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Australia
(d)none of these

Answer :(a) Maharashtra

Maharashtra Government started MSME Defense Expo for the first time in Pune. In this, the 155/52 caliber mountain gun developed by DRDO was displayed. This is such a field gun that can destroy the enemy anywhere, be it a mountain peak like Kargil or the Thar Desert. Can change its position quickly due to being attached to a heavy vehicleCurrent affairs 26 February 2024

4. Who has recently launched ‘DC – 8’ aircraft under the Asian Air Quality or ASIA-AQ Mission?
(d)none of these

Answer :(c)NASA

5. Sekreni festival is celebrated by which tribe
(a) Gond
(b) Dongo
(c) Sahariya
(d) Hornbill

Answer :(d)Hornbill

The 10-day long Sekreni festival began on 24 February as part of the Small Hornbill Tribal Festival in Nagaland.

Sekreni Utsav The most prominent part of the festival is Thekra (It is a traditional song which the village youth sing during this festival.

6. Where was Lara Super Thermal Power Station established?
(b) Manipur
(c)Madhya Pradesh
(d)none of these

Answer :(a)Chhattisgarh

Recently, in which Chhattisgarh was the Prime Minister inaugurated Lara Super Thermal Power Station? Total proposed capacity – 3200 MW. Coal in this thermal power plant will be supplied from Talaipalli Coal Block, Raigarh.

7. Where was the 1ST National Public Health India Conference (NPHICON) inaugurated?
(a) New Delhi
(c) Kolkata

Answer :(a) New Delhi

8. 12000 year old label inscription discovered?
(a) Krishna river banks
(b) Along the banks of Narmada river
(c)On the banks of Godavari river
(d) Along the banks of river Ganga.

Answer :a) On the banks of Krishna river

Recently ancient Badami Chalukya temples and 1200 year old label inscription were discovered on the banks of Krishna River in Mudimanikyam village in Nalgonda district of Telangana.
These temples have been discovered by the team of archaeologist Dr. MA Srinivasan and S Ashok Kumar. According to the inscription received, this temple is about 1300 years old.Current affairs 26 February 2024

9. Launched Remote Pilot Training Organization (RPTO)?
(b)IIT Guwahati
(d)none of these

Answer :(b)IIT Guwahati

IIT Guwahati, located in the state of Assam, has launched India’s largest Remote Pilot Training Organization (RPTO). This organization has been jointly developed by IT Guwahati and EDURADE. Objective – To promote the progress of Drone Technology in India

26 February 2024 : One Linear current affairs

1. During this, the Prime Minister launched the world’s largest cooperative grain storage scheme in the cooperative sector under a pilot project in 11 states.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched several projects in the cooperative sector from Bharat Mandapam in Delhi on 24 February.

2. The last non-European Union country to recently be granted visa-free access to the Schengen zone is Kosovo.

3. Tripura is the first north-eastern state to introduce Universal Health Cover recently.

4. Recently Madhya Pradesh has won the world’s highest Frozen Lake Marathon of Ladakh.

5. Recently, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has inaugurated the National Entrepreneurship Development Project in Odisha.

6. Recently the second edition of the women’s IPL league started in Bengaluru.

7. Recently UAE has launched 5-year multiple entry visa for Indian tourists.

8. Recently, Trumpet player election symbol was allotted to Sharadchandra Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party.

9. Recently, Turkey successfully tested the fifth generation aircraft ‘KAAN’.

Current affairs 26 February 2024

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